Dream Believe Achieve

Photos by: Lydia Hudgens

Not long ago, I was fearful that starting a blog would lead to ridicule and isolation. All of my friends would surely know I am a self-absorbed, judgmental, serial-grammar-killer with shopaholic tendencies.  (Not that they didn’t know this already, but it can be scary to put yourself out there for the masses to judge and critique.)

What surprised me, however, was that starting BethAnimalPrint resulted in interesting opportunities and greater friendships. It has been amazing collaborating with superb people and unique brands all because I pressed ‘publish’ on that first post.

This is post 102 and I am humbled by the amount of support, love and constructive feedback  I’ve received from family and friends (both old and new) from the beginning. 

This sweatshirt is the truth. A necessary reminder to always dream and believe. If you can do that then you’ve achieved something already. 

Thank you for reading and for supporting BethAnimalPrint. It means so much to me. A special thank you to the love of my life for taking photos of me every weekend for the past nine months. If you were thinking this is just a phase, it is not.

Please keep the support coming by heading on over to Monogram before Sept. 2nd and commenting, ‘favorting’ (click the heart) or re-posting this outfit. Thank you, lover faces!

Shop the look:

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