Sporty Chic Shoe Shopping

As we pulled in to Footlocker I had a noticeably sour look on my face. The Banker told me we would only be a minute, but I knew we would be looking at these Kobe Bryant basketball shoes for at least 30 minutes (which is exactly 30 minutes longer than I ever want to spend looking at functional shoes).
Shortly upon entering, however, I was filled with surprise and excitement: Footlocker has shoes for women and kids.  Yahtzee. I perused those shelves while The Banker compared this year’s Kobe’s to last year’s. (Listening to the Banker debate a sales associate about the merits of traction, weight and durability nearly caused me to take a nap on top of the sock bin.)  
I was sooooo bored until my eye caught these tie-dye running shoes. I tried them on. They were the perfect weight for training, but not light enough to run more than 10 miles.  Luckily I didn’t plan on wearing them to my next half marathon, so I felt they would be ideal for neighborhood runs and generally looking fantastic.
Harlowe is close to growing out of her current Nike Frees (since she has had them for almost one month) so I got her some inappropriately athletic Jordan’s. She can’t jump yet because she has the coordination of a plant, but I think a few weeks in these will have her doing jump shots in no time. 
If you’re still reading, you can find relief knowing that The Banker picked up these Kobes and will never lose a game of pick up again. 
Some of my favorite sporty chic pieces for all ages:

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