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When we asked the wonderful Diana Rothery snap our family photos, I knew I had to raise my ‘bling’ game.  (Where’s the fun in getting professional photography if you’re not going to glam out?)  Fortunately, Tiffany & Co. offered to loan me these stunning pieces from the Atlas Collection. PINCH ME. I love this collection – simple, modern and totally timeless.  The “timeless” part is the most important; if you’re going to invest in jewelry, you better ensure it can be worn for a decade (or more) and isn’t as trendy as a Von Dutch trucker hat.
Should I be lucky enough to receive one of these pieces for Christmas (hey Banker, I’ve been nice! …mostly) one could bet it would be passed down to eager generations of budding fashionistas.
What I Wore:
Dress: DVF
Lipstick: YSL #25
Thanks so much for reading! Let’s hangout some more…

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