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We’re having a…

baby boy graphic teeshomeward bound baby teebaby boy graphic tee

I’m so excited to announce that we will bringing home a bouncing baby boy! In addition to stocking up on a an adorable pregnancy body pillow and elastic waisted everything; I’ve been getting a kick out of getting some fun boy clothes! They are decidedly more ‘rock and roll’ than what we what we put on Harlowe 3 years ago! Perhaps rock and roll isn’t the correct genre to use here, but there’s no denying these tees are bad ass. I can’t wait for Baby boy Wagner to come out and give a nod to Warren G with this cute Saturday Morning Pancakes tee and wear this Drake approved “Just hold on we’re going home” tee by Passive Juice Motel like a rockstar.

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  • Cara Northcutt

    So, so, so, excited for you! Can I have those tee’s in Andy’s size;) H is going to be the best big sister ever!

    xx Cara

  • CarlinaL

    Awww, yay!!! Such great news! Super duper happy for you , lady! Love the hair too. 😉

    xo Carlina

  • Olivia

    Congrats Bethan!! That is so exciting you’ll have a boy and a girl. You look amazing!

  • Julia Ralston

    Yay yay yay! It’s the year of the boy! Can’t wait to swap baby boy stories with you! Also, that Homeward Bound tee is amazing! Obviously Chance is my favorite 🙂

  • Ashley @ A Lady Goes West

    Hi pretty Momma-to-be! Yay! So exciting! You will have a very dapper baby boy. Congrats! 🙂

  • Jane Fitfabfun

    Congrats! So exciting!!

    xo, Jane