Wonder Woman Wednesday: Jasmine Van Driessche

Before even shaking my hand, she opened up her adorable apartment to me and fed me wine. With that, Jasmine, the friend of a really good friend quickly became a staple girl crush. Not only was she generous with wine and an amazing decorator, she’s also wickedly entrepreneurial, altruistic and can shake her tail feather better than anyone I know. 

I’m thrilled to have this natural beauty on the blog as she opens up about the best way to get toned thighs, running her own skin care line and her humanitarian efforts which involve taking care of 19 Ugandan children. I hope you’ll enjoy meeting Jasmine as much as I did!

BA: When did you start Jacara Skin Care?
JVD: Jacara Skin Care became a thought about 7 years ago and was finally launched Dec. 3rd. 2010. 

BA:  How did you get started making these products?

JVD: This company really found me…my father (Acupuncturist & Herbalist) had a client that came in with a skin condition. She had tried everything and hoped he could help her. During this time I was studying Essential Oil Therapy. We combined our knowledge, used the Fair Trade Shea Butter for the first time, and suddenly there was a demand for a product that had no name, proper container or label…through a long & beautiful process, JACARA was born. Soon after we created our slogan “Globally Aware Skin Care” and focused our efforts on making a high quality product, using NO chemicals that is 100% Organic and natural, equally good for our environment and Fair Trade. We are BIG into Fair Trade.

BA: What is your advice for other women hoping to start their own company?
JVD: Love what you do and don’t be afraid to jump. It’s terrifying and there will always be someone we can compare ourselves too, but that’s when we lose. If you believe in yourself AND love what you do, as a woman (slightly biased:) you’re unstoppable! Energy is contagious, especially when it’s the passionate, motivated and inspiring kind. 

BA: What was your background before starting Jacara?
JVD: Although it seems like another life, I used to dance professionally. My thighs may not be as toned, but the satisfaction I get when helping women from all over the world gain fair wages & provide education for their children, trumps all!

BA: What is your daily beauty routine like?

JVD: I live it with reckless abandon. I do however, always include the necessities to keep my skin young, healthy (go away crows feet!) and glowing. Apart from that, it’s really my mood. Any particular Wednesday could be glam day in my house. In which I’ll pull a sassy dress out of the back of my closet, up-do/down-do, and a beautiful shade of rouge…your fantastic blog has continued to inspire the sass!

BA: What about skin care?

JVD: I am a devoted fan of our body care line, JACARA. Not just because it’s mine, but because I get ultimate satisfaction lathering myself up with such a raw product that’s doing good for our world. Our Gardenia’s Shea Butter & Gardenia’s Body Oil kiss my skin from neck to toe daily, plus, it makes me smell & feel like a Tahitian goddess! On day’s my skin looks a little dull, I do a quick exfoliation with our Jamrosa Ginger Scrub, or our Gardenia’s Body Scrub and my lips are rarely left without a layer of our Clovebud or Peppermint lip balm. Because we don’t make face products yet, I’m a huge fan of either Dr. Hauschka or NYR Wild & Organic. Just as our products, both of those lines are free of mineral oils, synthetic colors/fragrances, parabens, silicone…the list goes on! They’re also rated very high on the EWG’s Skin Deep data base. 

BA: If I stopped you on the street, what would you be wearing?
JVD: My new leather jacket handmade by: Jan Hilmer. It’s a stunning piece of art AND I got a killer deal. I would undoubtedly accessorize with a fantastic find from my favorite vintage/thrift stores, most likely a chunky necklace, a white T, some sexy jeans & heals. I’m really into heels right now, mostly chunky. With a gorgeous lip color, that’s all I need. Though, I do love to be consistently inconsistent, so I’m always a surprise!

BA: How would you describe your style?

JVD: Eclectic, a blend of spicy & quirky with a little of a lot in between. I love to walk out in a 3″ pair of heels as much as I love a quirky outfit put together with pieces that don’t seem to fit, but somehow do. I’ve not ever followed fashion consistently (until your blog), but I secretly love it.

BA: What is in your bag right now?

JVD: A pint size CC holder, a pen, because if I’m inspired to write, I have to do so, regardless of place and time. I will also never be found without either JACARA’s Peppermint or Clove Bud lip balm & currently I have a tinted lip balm that JACARA is in the process of testing. 

BA: You have made two trips to Africa recently. Can you tell us about that?

JVD: Absolutely! My passion, above all is equality & giving back. I recently made my second trip to Uganda & Rwanda with my family, sponsored by JACARA & with the help of a huge support base we were able to work with Keirungi Children’s Village, a Ugandan orphanage. While there, I get down and dirty. It’s all about giving something more than a dollar, it’s about giving a skill or education. Teaching the children, encouraging others to go to school or working with a family/individual to create a sustainable, safe & progressive living for themselves. In a place like Uganda or Rwanda, education means freedom and that’s what I have dedicated much of my time to. Of course, I get plenty of play in with the kiddos, and when people ask me why we don’t have children yet, I tell them I have 19 in Uganda :). My blog shares it all!

BA: What is one thing not many people know about you?
JVD: I can be incredibly quirky. I love to let go, not worrying about how I look or what others think. Usually this is done in our kitchen while dinner is being prepared. My husband says I could be a comedian!

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    GREAT post! Go Wonder Woman!

    • Bethann Wagner

      Thank you for reading, Caity!

  • Jasmine

    This is too fun, Thank You, from the bottom of my big heart!

    • Bethann Wagner

      Thanks for always being an inspiration to entrepreneurial women and for making the world a better place to live in (and giving us the ability to do that with softer skin). Heart you.

  • anappetiteforcolor

    Absolutely LOVE this! Adorable blog and featuring one of my favorite people on the planet makes me love it even more!! There’s no one quite like Miss Jasmine Rose…
    xx, E

    • Bethann Wagner

      Agreed, E. Thank you for reading. Have a good one!

  • Ashley Allan

    Loving these features BA!

    • Bethann Wagner

      Thanks Ashley and thank you for reading my blog so consistently. You are too sweet. xoxo