Wonder Woman Wednesday: Lindsay Aker

The first installment of ‘Wonder Woman Wednesday’ features a good friend of mine, Lindsay Aker. We met  in college before we popped out children and sprouted crows feet. Well, she still doesn’t have crows feet so that’s not a great way to gauge the length of our friendship. In fact, she has smooth, glowing skin in her late 20’s. It’s her job.
Lindsay is a stay-at-home-mom that manages to make time to strut her stuff on the catwalk, catalogs and most recently, commercials. She makes a living being beautiful on the outside, but she makes a life out of being beautiful on the inside. (She’s arguably the most humble model on this planet and has a heart of gold.)
Her daughter, Avery (featured here), clearly has Lindsay’s natural beauty and general gangly-ness. Having a toddler, no matter how adorable, is not always a barrel of joy. She taught me importance of laughing through the terror. According to her, laughing for 15 minutes is equal to sleeping for 2 hours.
I am inspired everyday by admirable women like Lindsay and I am so excited to share this with you every Wednesday. Leave a comment below to let me know who inspires you!  

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