Wonder Woman Wednesday: Nicole Emanuele

This Wednesday’s Wonder Woman is disgustingly talented, a humanitarian, has a penchant for giraffes (they are her spirit animal) and is effortlessly cool. Nicole graciously agreed to let me interview her for this week’s post just in time for me to plug her upcoming movie release. Enjoy!Who are you? What do you do, and where do you live?
I am just a girl, trying to make it in the big city. I live in Brooklyn, New York, with the love of my life and my fish, Frank Ocean. I like to tell stories, and help people tell their stories… I guess more formally I do that via my job at YouTube as a Partner Manager, and my work producing Not Waving But Drowning.

You work at Google and have a pretty demanding job. What are some pieces of career advice that you’ve learned along the way that have helped you?
Listen, watch, and observe before you take action. I was trigger happy when I first started, eager to please and share my ideas and jump in to everything. Now I edit myself a lot more, in what I say, write, what I do, what I ask, pitch.  I am still working on mastering this, but I’ve come a long way from where I was –> the queen of putting my foot in my mouth!

What is your take on dressing for the office when you work in such a laid back office culture (yet live in one of the fashion capitals of the world)?
Sometimes I like to wear something a little cheeky – like hot pink sneakers or something sparkly – just to instigate a little. I find walking to work on the streets of Chelsea to be very intimidating! All these fancy people, in fantastic clothes! 

There was one day that I forgot I had a meeting with (luckily!) a fashion industry executive. I was wearing this hilarious t-shirt that says “Macho” and has a big red heart on it. I was really anxious before the meeting, but I then I made a decision, “Nicole – you don’t have another outfit, or time to get one. This is the situation, so own it, or die trying.”. So that’s what I did, I just decided to be 100% confident about the stupid thing I was wearing, and it was then a non-issue. In fact, they complimented it – Ha! I think this was a good lesson in fashion/style: It’s about how you act, as much as what you wear.

In a previous life, you’ve worked on a number of films, most recently producing Not Waving but Drowning, about a young woman leaving her small town for the big city. How was the character’s experience different from your own?  *Nicole left Rockville, MD for Tallahassee, FL and then made her way to NYC.
The two lead characters both strongly emulate certain aspects of growing up. This like crazy rush for wanting to grow, explore, adventure, become someone new, and this nostalgia for home, comfort, and what you know. 

How would you describe your style?
Oh my goodness. I would like to say my style is laid back, with a simple, timeless elegance, but that’s not really the truth, more my goal.  

For work, I try to stay comfortable and nice looking, and a little more conservative. I was proud of one outfit this week – it was a cute orange dress from H&M with a long linen black and white cardigan over it. 

For play, my favorite thing to wear is my fiancé’s Larry Bird jersey from the 80’s, it’s green and mesh, and it fits me perfectly! I like to wear it with cute shorts. When I am hanging out on my own, I like to dress like I am on vacation. 

Finally, please share something surprising about yourself.
When I was 12 I wrote a computer game with my friend Amy. We programmed it, and drew all the characters, we even sang the theme song. It never went to market, but I am still proud of my programming feat.  Sometimes I do think: “Man we should have made that an app. We might be rich now.” 

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