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My office has a casual dress code. We’re talking backwards hats, ripped jeans and sandals. This is one of the many things I really like about working at The YouTube Space LA, but — you can be unabashedly you, wear whatever you want and that has no baring on your performance.  It’s the kind of freedom I’ve always dreamed about from an office job, the kind that affords me the opportunity to have lavender or silvery-gray hair.

work outfits

Since outfits can greatly affect my mood and confidence levels, there are days when I go in looking like an outsider, but feeling like a boss.

work outfits

As a mother to two young (and ridiculously adorable!) children, I love the culottes movement. All the fanciness of skirts, but none of the potential wardrobe malfunctions. Running down the street chasing a lost, but very critical, rolling toy and inevitable bending down to collect it from underneath someone else’s car in no need for concern in culottes, my friends.

Top and Pants c/o Dezzal / Shoes

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  • Lavues

    Love your outfit, it totally brings out your personality, great!