Fit Style – Working Out While Traveling

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Just because you’re earning extra airline miles this Summer doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice logging miles in your sneakers. Sure, it’s difficult to stay motivated while traveling, but these tips will make working out while traveling a tropical breeze and have you coming home guilt free.

Think locally. Call ahead to gyms in your destination city and see if they offer deals for first-timers or limited day passes. You can get usually a 5-day pass for a fraction of the price and try a cool class that isn’t offered at your home gym.

Pack like a gym rat. In addition to lightweight, weather-appropriate workout clothes, bring along a theraband for strength training and a jump rope for cardio. Jumping rope for a few minutes in the morning will pump up your metabolism and burn more calories than any other cardio.

Hit up a different terminal. Let your flight delay work for you by working your way over to a different terminal to kill time and calories. Walking is also a good defense mechanism in the event that you’re surrounded my un-healthy restaurant options.

Become a video gamer. No, no, don’t play World of Warcraft and expect to get a six-pack. Utilize YouTube fitness gurus to motivate you and give you killer workouts for free! Some tried and true sweat inducing vids are: Fitnessista’s ‘Ab Burner‘, To Live and Diet in LA’s ‘12-Min Sweaty Cardio‘ and Blogilates ‘Body Slimming Workout for Beginners‘.

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Wearing: c/o Athleta Chi Tank, sports bra and shorts / Nike shoes (similar here)

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  • Whitney @ To Live & Diet in L.

    Thanks for sharing my video 🙂 These are all great tips. And those shoes are adorable!!

    • Bethann Wagner

      My pleaseure, Whitney! It’s a goodie!

  • Donna

    Love the video advice! That’s what I started to do in my hotel room. Also the best way to get to know the new city you’re in is running it!

    xo Donna

  • Caity @ Moi Contre La Vie

    Love these tips!! My Summer goal is to get your abs!

  • Jessie Langley

    Just what I needed to read!! I’ve been taking plenty of long beach walks but I’ve been slacking everywhere else… thanks for the inspiration!! xoxo

    Jessie at Blush and Blonde

  • Olivia

    These are amazing tips that I wish I would have been motivated by when I went on vacation last month! I packed my gym shoes and workout clothes, and they never saw the light of day haha. I think it’s so good to have a fitness plan for a trip because it makes you way more likely to actually follow through!

  • Cara Northcutt

    Love this and now I officially feel like a slacker on all of my trips!

    xx Cara

  • Ashley White

    Great tips- and I LOVE your Nike’s!


  • Gina

    awesome tips! thank you so much for sharing my ab burner 🙂 i have sneaker envy now…