8 things I learned about kid fashion by letting my 6-year-old dress herself

  1. Princess shoes go with everything.
  2. Boots or, as Harlowe calls them, high heels are for any season and any ensemble.
  3. Jackets are over-rated, but they might need one for no more than 2 min at some point in the day, so you better have one handy.
  4. Jeans are also over-rated, but you’ll need one pair because just about every 6-months they will be the best. thing. ever. (for one day).
  5. Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and add one more accessory. Extra points if you have a headband with ears handy.
  6. Always have an extra headband with ears handy in case one goes missing (or more likely, is gifted to a sweet friend).
  7. Modesty shorts (aka ‘shorties‘ worn under dresses) are wildly difficult to remember. One must always double-check for them before leaving the house.
  8. When given the option, they will want to dress just like you (so long as you are not unnecessarily wearing jeans or a jacket.)

My dress / Harlowe’s dress / my boots / Harlowe’s boots are Zara (last year) / headband with ears / my headband

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