Dia De Los Muertos

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Yesterday we got all dressed up for a Dia de Los Muertos celebration in Hollywood. I think getting ready is half the fun, but it’s not so easy for little ones that have to sit still to have their makeup done. We decided to leave Gunnar at home with a babysitter because it was a long day for all of us, but Gunnar being two, really starts to act like a typical two year old (tantrums, horrible bouts of screaming) around 5pm and that’s precisely what time we left the house for the celebration. He was sorely missed, but fast asleep for most of it.

Meanwhile, the three of us got some much needed Mexican food, walked around the altars and danced at every chance we got. Harlowe loved the colorful decorations; and why wouldn’t she? Her first Dia De Los Muertos Party was at our wedding reception when she was 7 months old so it’s in her blood! Look how chunky and sweet Baby Harlowe was. Hard to believe that was 6 years ago!

wedding after baby

Last year, we wrote loved one’s names on various banners before they were flown about, but this year we really just took in all of the decor and how well so many people do their makeup and costumes. It’s seriously unreal how resourceful some people are when it comes to Day of the Dead makeup and costumes. It was really fun to see everyone’s beautiful outfits and face paint – especially the people that went all out. The decor around the cemetery was also incredible.

Some final shots of us. So happy Harlowe let us take her picture this time! Her dress was a little dirty because she went straight from her school’s carnival and refused to change, but it is what it is! My dress comes in a bunch of Fall colors and is less than $80. I’m thinking of getting it in wine for the holidays!
dia de los muertos make up kids day of the dead LA dia de los muertos celebration LA
We tried to have serious faces, but Harlowe was all smiles which IMO totally made this picture! dia de los muertos family makeup

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