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That’s why I need a one bag

MZ Wallace Abbey Tote

^Streets not safe, but I never run away.

I’ve been carrying the same ‘work bag’ for awhile now. An MZ Wallace tote to be exact. I use the term ‘work bag’ lightly as it quickly became my diaper bag and gym bag. I sing it’s praises any time someone asks me to recommend a semi-stylish diaper bag. Today’s moms don’t want a diaper bag, they want an everything bag because today’s moms aren’t just moms, they’re everything. Chef, athlete, corporate powerhouse, friend, student, volunteer and everything in between.

MZ Wallace Tote

This bag gets that. Whether you’re in the market for a diaper bag, work bag, travel bag or gym bag, I can not recommend MZ Wallace totes strongly enough. They are easy to clean, crazy versatile and have a sleek design complete with easy to access pockets so you can carry necessities for all of your roles. Mine is currently full of lip products (Harlowe’s Lipsmakers and my Colourpop, diapers/wipes and all of the snacks because… weekend!

Tibi Sweater

Speaking of, I hope you have a great one!

MZ Wallace tote c/o / Tibi Sweater (Tibi on sale!) / DSTLD jeans / Aldo shoes (similar here)

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