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Let’s Eat!

As I write this, Gunnar is chowing down on chow mein and sautéed vegetables using a fork like a little man. Harlowe ate the same thing last night and is getting pretty good at mastering chopsticks. I’m not trying to brag about how good they eat. They eat processed foods, sugary foods, even… gluten. Gasp! I just can’t believe how far both of them have come from the days where the only thing on the menu was milk. It seems like that was yesterday.

They’re getting so independent it kills me. This EZPZ mat has been a huge help for me in that it helps make me more creative about what I put in front of Gunnar. I originally bought it so that he’d have a plate that he couldn’t throw on the ground, but I found that a.) if there is a will there is a way and b.) I get obsessed with offering him 1-2 new flavors with each meal. To my surprise, he loves grilled broccoli. My experience with Harlowe has taught me that he probably tries/likes everything because he’s not mature enough to have an opinion yet, but let’s hope this appreciation for greens sticks. 🙂

toddler dinner plate

I just discovered Baby Cubby which is where I scored the EZPZ mat and his Rags to Raches romper (these rompers always sell out on the Rags site before I grab the ones I want). I really like Baby Cubby because they are there not just to sell “stuff” but to be a resource for us throughout this journey of raising tiny little people.  
Speaking of resources, I am going to make a video on a few of the meals that I prepare at home. The kids and I eat the same things for almost every meal and I have gotten a few questions lately about what I eat. I am really excited to share some of my quick and healthy, picky-eater-approved recipes with you and if you have any favorites you want to share with me please do!

rags to raches

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Rags to Raches romper and EZPZ mat c/o Baby Cubby P.S. on these rompers, I’d size up two sizes. The site says size up one size for a baggy look, but they run small IMO. Gunnar is a big 18-month-old (100th percentile for height and weight) but he wearing a size 3/4T in Rags rompers.

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