Museum of Ice Cream

You guys, we FINALLY got out to the Museum of Ice Cream here in LA and it was just as beautiful as I imagined. Seriously, it was really well done plus, they fed us ice cream or treats at every new room. It was hard to tell the kids no in that environment so we all had stomach aches after and the kids went to bed about 2 hours after their bed times. Each room had a different theme. I tried to capture a picture in all of them, but it was difficult because one of my kids was always running to the next room. My favorite part was definitely the pool of sprinkles. They have faux, anti-microbial sprinkles in a shallow pool that you can jump in to and roll around in. Gunnar was v confused, but he cam around to it.

Surrounded by his favorite food and not sure what to do!

You pick up phones in the first room a a celebrity ice-cream fairy (Seth Rogan) gives you the scoop.    
This tee is so soft and obviously, I love the message.

Huge thank you to my friend Brett for getting us tickets!

My shirt /shortsHarlowe’s dress / shoes / Gunnar’s outfit

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