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palm springs wagners

Last week we went to Palm Springs — a strong finish to Harlowe’s Spring Break. We started in Arizona where we spent Easter weekend with friends and family. Palm Springs was really our first vacation as a family of four and I’m happy to say, it didn’t disappoint. We met some friends who have a daughter Harlowe’s age.  The hotel we stayed at was the most kid-friendly resort imaginable. we’re talking ice-cream socials, Despicable Me 2 playing under the stars (we didn’t stay up late enough to make it to that) and three pools designed for the 4-foot and under crowd. Picture all the fun of Disneyland without all the walking. 🙂 I’m already planning our trip there next year. Now that I’ve got one trip under my wings there are a few things I would do differently and of course, a few I wouldn’t change.

Omni resort palm springs

^Gunnar wouldn’t change anything. He loves all the things.

lazy river

^The pools weren’t heated and this lazy river was chilly! Harlowe found a warm spot barnacled to me so she didn’t mind. Temperature not withstanding, it was a great time. It’s really relaxing going around and around…and around. Harlowe wanted to go like a dozen times soooo…


^Sibling love. Is there anything sweeter?

Ace hotel

^We went to King’s Highway for dinner and OMG, delicious. It’s kind of time-warpy going in there because everything is 1955-ish except the other diners who were total 2016 hipsters/musicians. I’m generalizing, but seriously, everyone there was super-cool.


^Parking lot at the Ace Hotel. Cool city.


^From the photo booth at King’s Highway. It took us a minute to get the timing right (see that embarrassing photo at the top left?), so we took another shot (on the right).  Harlowe, our little Leo, wanted to take some on her own. Her shots are our favorite, hands down!

wags in palm springs

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  • Brooke

    This looks just absolutely amazing! I’m glad your first trip as a family of four went so well. Love how family/kid friendly the hotel was for you guys—how perfect! Look at how big Gunnar is!! And that sibling lovin’ must melt your heart <3

    • Bethann Wagner

      Brooke! Thank you for reading and for commenting! Gunnar IS so big, right? Anchor is going to catch up in no time. I hope you are doing well — Anchor is the CUTEST little guy!

  • Melody • Travel Chic Mom

    Lovely family picture!