Atomic Blonde

I’ve wanted to rock the off-the-shoulder silhouette for some time now, but have been too nervous that one of my kids would pull my top right off. What is it with kids and exposing their mom? They’ve already ruined my boobs (thanks, breastfeeding) and they’ll still show them to the world given the opportunity. Not very practical for a mom, but a great outfit for sushi and a movie with The Banker. We saw Atomic Blonde and it was SO good. Charlize Theron is #goals and #workoutmotivation. I can not believe she does her own stunts — she beats the crap out of these strong looking men in the movie and looks like she’s not even trying. The soundtrack is rad too. I mean it, rad. It’s all the best 80’s throwback songs set to well choreographed fight scenes. I love it. I’ve added most of the songs to my workout playlist. They keep me so motivated! Here’s the full list of songs if you want to check it out.

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