Tips For Taking Great Family Photos

Right before I made everyone take family Halloween costume photos, I got them to sit still-ish for a few family shots! One of the tricks I learned to get good photos of us and the kids is for each of us to hold one kid and then separate by a few feet before running to each other and slightly bumping in to one another. It makes everyone laugh at least the first few times. If that doesn’t work, you can always hold the smallest one upside down – which is what we had to resort to with Gunnar (scroll down). We try to just have fun with it because as much as I love having family photos, nobody in this family enjoys taking them. Does yours? If so, let me know so I can high-five you.

As for outfits, rule #1 is that everyone is comfortable. I wrote more about coordinating outfits a while ago, but that approach requires a lot of planning which often times, we don’t have. Our typical approach is to be seasonally appropriate (read: comfortable) but to let each person wear what they want. We never coordinate colors fully, in fact sometimes, it’s straight up opposite, but I like when it looks more casual and authentic. Sometimes, we end up coordinating and I am most proud of these outfits from that standpoint. Color wheels were used there. Also, that photo reminds me, a good kid swing can bring great facial expressions too! I can’t believe how small Gunnar was. That was him at 9-weeks-old wearing size 6 months clothes!
Gunnar’s shoessweatshirt / Harlowe’s shoes, dresshead wrap / my choker (it’s actually a headband) /Kaare’s shirt

photos by: Kara

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