The White Lace Shirt Dreams are Made of

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I never thought I’d say this, but I love showing a little bit of midriff. Just a little. Like, under a semi-sheer shirt especially one like this that is pretty intricate so you can’t really make out my core in detail (thankfully) but, but you show just the right amount of skin.  This French brand I just discovered, Sezane makes the best intricate lace blouses ever. I currently have two in my closet and a shopping cart full of about a half-dozen more. (This one is so cute!) Of course, you can wear a cami under if you’re not in to showing your skin or you live somewhere chilly. Most of Sezane‘s tops are perfect holiday-season and I love how they can be worn casual or dressy, but what I find even better is that you can wear them after the holidays too. I mean, plaid is classic and perfect for the holiday season, but will you wear that plaid holiday piece in April? Probably not. You know I am all about streamlining my clothes by finding things you can wear all year round and I would wear most of their clothes 365 days a year. So French, non?
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Harlowe’s dress ripped and I didn’t have anything else packed for her so we tied it up with one of her scrunchies! So disappointed it ripped, but that’s what I get for getting her a maxi dress her little feet could step on.
APC Half moon bag
How sweet is she? I couldn’t resist posting that one! I have a few more posts up my sleeve for holiday dressing so stay tuned and please let me know in the comments below what you think of showing your midriff off. PS this post is not sponsored at all I just love their stuff to pieces.

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