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4 Tips for Effortless Thanksgiving Outfits

velvet camisole and jeans

Holiday looks around here have gotten quite effortless. I’m talking boyfriend jeans, ultra-soft camisole (40% off!), one-step-removed-from-pajamas effortless. This season, it’s pretty hard to avoid velvet…but why would one want to? I opted for a sleek, velvet top that is fitting for LA’s faux-fall when worn alone and can easily be layered under a jacket for the office or if you need to dress a little warmer this Thanksgiving.

edgy velvet holiday look

I paired it with IRO boyfriend jeans because I’ll be spending  this Thanksgiving chasing a toddler but want to make sure my velvet top is on full display when I’m seated at the dinner table (not matter how brief that may be).  I need to be mobile and comfortable all Thanksgiving year long. Am I right, fellow moms?


Since the holidays are such a sartorially festive time, a time that many of us want to dress up even when we might normally take a more casual approach to personal style, I’ve put together some holiday outfit tips specifically for busy women like you.


  1. Wear an effortlessly festive top. This velvet cami won’t show stains (read: it’s baby proof!), can be layered and is on-trend with it’s velvety softness. I also love this velvet blazer from Old Navy which is perfect for those that experience real Autumn. You can also go for a sleeveless turtleneck in case it gets drafty, but you want to show those guns!
  2. Give in to the choker trend. I know what you’re thinking, but there’s a reason they’re back. It’s a good one! If you have a toddler you know how dangerous it can be for both parties when you wear a statement necklace. A choker is simple and sweet, but still makes a statement. They’re also super affordable.
  3. Wear loose-fitting bottoms. This is a no-brainer. Everyone does this for Thanksgiving. It’s your time to let loose… your pants that is! I like these …and I love their price.
  4. Wear a dress over your jeans. If your Thanksgiving plans are too formal for jeans and a cami, throw a dress on over your jeans (that’s a thing now!) and wow your company with your top half while being strategically comfortable on the bottom. Check out this article in Vogue for inspiration. I’m adding everything on there to my ‘dream wish list’; especially outfit #2.

Wherever Thanksgiving takes you this year, I hope you have a wonderful time and know that you are beautiful and loved no matter what you wear to the dinner table. Happy Thanksgiving!

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