About Me

bethann wagner

Hi! I’m Bethann, a wife, mother and clothes hoarder living in Los Angeles. This blog showcases the fun (and sometimes not so fun) bits of my lifestyle and family. There’s Kaare (the Banker and photographer) and our wonderful children, Harlowe and Gunnar.

How did it start? I was a merchandising major in college and worked as a fitness instructor to help put myself through school. I had several other jobs too, but teaching fitness classes was my favorite.

I started this blog in 2013 because I was working with fashion bloggers on account of my full-time job. I wanted to better understand what they do and how they do it. I wanted to have the same challenges they did so I could find ways to overcome those challenges professionally. What surprised me, however, was that I LOVED doing it. I have since left my job at YouTube to create content full time and spend more time with my kids!

Who makes this possible? My husband aka ‘KW’ or ‘The Banker’ takes most of the photos unless otherwise noted.  I truly couldn’t/wouldn’t do this without him and can’t thank him enough for all of his support.

And you! Your support and encouragement keep me creating.     

Disclosure: This blog contains some affiliate marketing links, which means I might make commission on sales of those products or services I write about. I use 3rd Party companies to enable these affiliate partnerships. I do occasionally receive complimentary items to review or wear on the blog, but my opinions about those items are always my own and I will always be clear about items that I have not personally purchased by marking them “c/o”.

Thank you so much for supporting Bethanimalprint by taking time to read!