Bare necessities

Julia from Once Upon a Blog got all the glossy messy details on how I interviewed for my job at Google while wearing a very tight belly bandit, the time God played some mean trick on my eyebrows (birth), and how I know the barometric pressure of any city that I’m in. You can get all of that riveting stuff and details on all of the hair and beauty products I’ve curated in my interview here.

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  • Julia Ralston

    Thank you so much for letting me interview you! It was so much fun! Can we do it again soon? And your husband is so right — you totally look like Blair Waldorf lounging on your bed like that! (all you need is a headband)

    • Bethann Wagner

      This comment has been removed by the author.

    • Bethann Wagner

      The pleasure was all mine. Thanks for letting me drawl on about favorite products and motherhood.

      Try as I might, I can not pull off headbands. Trust me, I do all that I can to emulate Blair more closely.