Lace and Camo

lace joie top

believe i will die doing the things i lovecamo pantshamsa necklacej.crew camo pantstax the richblue beanie

Joie blouse (on sale!) / J.Crew pants ( Express leggings are lovely too!) / Converse shoes / Vintage beanie/ Celine sunnies / bracelet was a gift my friend picked up for me at Fawn! / Shop Louun Necklace

Hi friends! I wore this to brunch in The Mission (one of my favorite SF neighborhoods). I wanted something that wouldn’t render me immobile as I anticipated some neighborhood exploring post-brunch. Explore we did! How cool is the graffiti we spotted? It is different every time we go.  A Joie top (last seen here) brought glamour to functional camo pants (last seen here) and converse kicks.  Look people, I’m a huge advocate of getting dolled up for Sunday brunches, but a 2-year-old in tow means I need to dress for functionality or risk certain death.


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