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Distressed Denim at the Office

Is this unavoidable trend acceptable in a casual office environment? In search of answers, I posed the question on Twitter: “Taking votes: is it okay to wear ripped jeans in a casual office environment?” 
After getting mixed responses on Twitter and failing to find resolution by asking myself, “What would Pippa do?”, I went to Emily Post for answers. I stumbled upon these 5 tips for Looking Cool and Crisp in the Workplace. To save us all time, I’ll give away the ending and let you know none of them said, “twill trousers only” or anything to that effect. 
Still, I can’t help but be curious about office etiquette when it comes to distressed jeans – is it taboo?  I am also secretly dying to know if Brazilian bikini waxes remain the hottest grooming trend. I’ll leave that query for another place and time.
What is your stance on ripped jeans at the office? Reply to my original tweet or share in the comments below.

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