Luck o’ the Irish

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! 

Today, we will be lounging at home making (Paleo) Shepherd’s Pie, listening to bizarre Irish music and drinking guinness floats. We first started this little tradition two years ago as we experimented with shepherd’s pie recipes; we ended up liking the paleo version so much that we eat it year-round (spoiler alert: post on said Pie is forthcoming).

Our St. Patty’s Day traditions make the holiday one of my favorites. There really isn’t anything that leaves me wanting. That being said, IF the luck o’ the Irish were to hit me like a ton of super-fortunate bricks, I could be seen expensively dressed in green garb from head to polished toe… and I’d devour a red green velvet cupcake made with REAL flour. 

So, in the spirit of my favorite spring holiday, I present this year’s thematic food and clothing lusts, (Just in case there happen to be any generous Leprechauns reading.)

                                      I hope you all thoroughly enjoy your St. Patty’s Day!

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