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Pretty Pretty Bang Bang

In 6th grade I noticed several of the popular 8th grade girls wearing make-up. They would touch it up in the bathrooms of our middle school making themselves have dark liquid-y rimmed eyes and full brown-lined lips. Obviously, I needed to start this ritual stat.
I asked, no begged, my mom for make-up for what seemed to be eons before she caved. She wasn’t a beauty guru herself (she had the same Maybelline eye shadow palate for most of her adult life) so, she was apprehensive and confused about this urge to paint my face. She reluctantly equipped me with clear mascara and a Covergirl compact.
Decades later, I’m pretty clever with concealer and steady handed with my Sigma eyeliner brushes, but will still defer to a professional artist when the occasion requires.
When one of the most respected fashion news sources came to shoot me and ‘office style’ at YouTube, I happily put my face in the hands of Pretty Parlor A GoGo, a traveling beauty salon that periodically visits our offices. Who am I to not capitalize on such serendipitous timing?
I had The Banker document the most symmetrical cat-eye I’ve ever had.  I’ll share more about our offices and the shoot when it comes out at the end of this month!


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    Beautiful! I love how natural the look is – Very classic!

    • Bethann Wagner

      Thank you, Miss Caity! <3