Such Great Heights

Despite my love of all things red and heart shaped, we don’t typically do anything extra-special in observance of St. Valentine’s Day. One of my very best friends is moving across the country next month and it breaks my heart even though it’s a really good move for her and her soon-to-be-husband, Jake so I’m soaking up all the time with them I can before the big move. Galentines/ Palentines overlooking the city seemed the perfect way to celebrate Valentine’s this year.

We went to OUE Sky Space LA which has these amazing 360 degree views of the city from 1,000 feet high. You look down at all these super-tall buildings and pray an earthquake doesn’t happen the whole time. I kid, I kid I think the building is wildly safe, if not, it was worth my anxiety because it was such a great view and because the slide was so fun. The slide supposedly 45 feet long, but it felt like it was 5 feet long because it goes by so quickly. I did it in my dress and just tucked it all up like a diaper because I can basically tuck anything like a diaper these days. I thought about wearing jeans, but I had this in my closet and I really don’t think I will ever have a reason to wear it other than Galentine’s/Palentine’s night at the Sky Space. Here’s some nerdy pics from the slide for your viewing pleasure. 🙂

^Look at those two cuties. We sure are going to miss them.

^Lulu’s red dress  after being worn like a diaper so I could experience the slide.

OUE Skyspace LA OUE Skyspace LA
^This picture came out a little blurry, but I still love it. The man doesn’t like having his pictures taken and PDA makes him blush so this is a rare gem.

Hope you all had a great Valentine’s, Palentine’s or Galentine’s Day! xx, BA

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