White after Labor Day?

Last weekend came and went too quickly for my taste. I have been wearing my white Hudson jeans like they are going out of style because, well, they are. I’m not normally one for ‘rules’ especially when it comes to freedom of self-expression, but this post–Labor Day moratorium on white apparel is a rule I won’t write off entirely. 

Old etiquette and snobbery aside, wearing white jeans after Labor Day, the symbolic end of Summer, doesn’t lend itself to my love of chunky Fall sweaters and boots. So, I shall bid adieu to these skinnies until Spring.

That being said, every other piece of white clothing is totally game. Remember Michelle Obama’s white Jason Wu dress worn confidently to the Presidential Inauguration in 2008? Such inaugurations happen during my least favorite month – January.     

Do you wear your whites post-Labor Day?

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