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Fit Mom Chat: Motivation and Making Time

You’ve¬†probably heard people boast that cute new workout clothes can be fantastic motivation. If you’re like me, you use that an excuse to supplement the workout wardrobe all to often. One must dress for success, right? That’s just as true at the gym/yoga studio/fave running path. Enter Wantable, my new favorite subscription box for fitness apparel. Their stylists do everything for you so all you have to do try the pieces they select for you on, send back what you don’t love in a pre-paid mailer and then get your sweat on looking extra.

I’ve gotten a few questions about making time for fitness when you spend your days taking care of other people. There is no right answer that would work for everyone since we all have different demands and journeys each day, but I made a video about how I manage to squeeze in a little workout time 5+ days a week. I hope you like it. If you want more videos like this, let me know!

Check out my haul on the June edit too! While you’re there, be sure to hit subscribe. ūüôā

Tank / Bra / Leggings / Sneakers

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That’s So Meshed Up

at home workouts

If you follow me on Instagram¬†you know I’ve been having trouble prioritizing my workouts lately. I love going to yoga, but it’s been really difficult to get my mat time in. I’ve got 99 excuses, but lack of / love of sleep is the main one. I just started Kayla Itsine’s BBG¬†program and it’s kicking my ass. It’s so convenient too. Each workout is 28 minutes so I do them after I get the kids to sleep at night, but before I Netflix and Chill. I am trying to get up earlier to get my workouts in before the kids wake up so I started a morning bootcamp at my yoga studio which begins at 6:15 (insert yawn face) and lasts for 2 weeks. I’m hoping that morning wakeup call and the joy of having completed a gnarly workout by 7:15 am changes my habit of sleeping in until 6:30-7 everyday. More importantly, I’m hoping it helps me change my habit of staying up until 12am each night.

Trying to look totally ‘natch’ in my new mesh jacket.¬†ūüôā
Do you have any habits you are trying to break? Any Summer workout or fitness goals you are trying to make? Whatever it is, remember it IS possible. If I can be at the gym by 6:15 anything is possible! #notamorningperson

Move of the week: lunges. Adding jumping lunges to the end of my workouts all week to get that booty in swim suit shape!
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The Great Outdoor Voices

You guys, I’ve done it. I’ve become one of those moms that wears yoga pants like, for three days straight. ¬†I don’t even have any intention of practicing yoga many of those days. While I certainly never frowned upon living in yoga pants, it just wasn’t for me. That is until I started working from home and discovered athleisure is pretty much a gift from the fashion gods and is best worn Sunday through Sunday. Old Bethann was so wrong.

outdoor voices running gear

I discovered Outdoor Voices recently and picked up this bra¬†which I thought would be great for hot yoga and these pants¬†which are for anything and everything.¬†ūüôā So far, I am living in the sweats. I even wear them to bed which I’m ashamed to admit saves me time in the morning because I don’t have to change before I drop the kids off at school.
I also discovered this site¬†and between the two of them am having no issue transitioning my wardrobe from ‘business-cajjjjj’ apparel to much comfier and decidedly cooler, athleisure duds.

outdoor voices sweats

^Cute husband alert. Don’t tell him he’s on here. I was getting the camera settings right and snapped this. ūüôā

outdoor voices running woman sweats
*This post is not sponsored at all, I’m just obsessed. I wish it were sponsored because I can’t own too many sweats so if you know someone at Outdoor Voices, LMK. ūüôā

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Fitness after Baby #2

workouts after baby

A few of you asked about getting back in to shape after having a baby. Gunnar is now nine months old and I’ve finally¬†started to nail down a fairly strict (yet fluid) health and fitness regime. I decided it would be a great time to share what I’ve been doing to ‘get my body back’.

working out with kids

First, coming to terms with the fact that my body will probably never get back to ‘normal’ was key. This amazing body has had two children, sits at a desk for a good chuck of the day and enjoys wine more than water so yeah, it’ll take longer to get strong abs¬†and that is A-okay. Remembering my body created two beautiful babies makes abs seem trivial.

workout out after baby

Strength¬†training¬†is critical. Carrying a 25 lb baby (yes, he is THAT big already!), sitting at a desk and missing out on some serious zzz’s depletes my energy in a major way. ¬†Luckily, strength training elevates endorphins which helps boost energy levels, contributes to more restful sleep and serves as a natural anti-depressant. ¬†This is hugely important for new moms suffering baby blues like me. I take an OrangeTheory class 1-2 a week to get my weight training fix.

fit mom tips

Get sweaty and social. KW and I will have a workout date instead of a fancy dinner more often than not. We choose a gym that has childcare we felt comfortable with and go together when we can. On a whim, we took Zumba a few weeks ago and we can’t wait to go back again! It was hilarious…. mostly for him because I have no rhythm. ūüôā

Hold yourself accountable any way you can. If you know you have trouble holding yourself accountable get friends to nag you or sign up for an event you’ll need to train for. I’m definitely more likely to stick to something when there’s external pressure and signing up for a half-marathon has helped me stick to a moderately stringent running schedule. I’m running the race with KW and a group of girlfriends, so they are all holding me accountable too. We tell each other when we are training and it’s been so inspiring. (I’ll see you in April, Nashville!)

working out after baby

Everything in moderation, including moderation. I’m still nursing and you can trust me when I say, I am ravenous. Being hangry all the time can lead even the best of us to grab some junk¬†food and devour it, so I do make a point to carry¬†healthy snacks at all times. I keep snacks in my bag, my car, my desk and home. My favorite snacks are string cheese, fresh fruit, greek yogurt with almonds and chips and guac. For the non-perishable variety, I eat a ton of This Bar Saves Lives¬†– the dark chocolate cherry and sea salt is f’ing delish and I probably have 1-2 every day. ¬†ūüôā

Wearing: Bra / leggings / tank (all c/o Lucy) / similar Nike shoes also love these for everyday wear.

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Maternity Style: My Fitness Routine

due date training

I love to get my workouts in as often as my schedule allows. Being pregnant may change my workouts, but doesn’t mean that you’ll find me skipping the gym. If anything, I’m more dedicated to maintaining a maternity fitness routine than my regular regimen because there’s so much research out there boasting about the¬†benefits¬†working out during pregnancy provides¬†both baby and¬†mom. With the health of Baby Boy Wagner and a safe (and dear God, make it fast) delivery in mind, I’ve settled in to a pre-natal fitness routine that helps me feel great.

maternity workout style

Barre class: 2 times weekly. Barre works your whole body and introduces light cardio leaving you glowing and sore after each class. The added stability from barre makes glute and leg work safer so you can get deep in to the muscles without risking being knocked off balance. Running through 50-minute routines which include kegels and pliés (think controlled squats) helps prep the body for late-stage pregnancy by toning pelvic and leg muscles.

maternity workout clothes

Swimming: 1-2¬†times a week. With my last pregnancy, I began swimming regularly after taking years off. Having spent a lot of time swimming as a kid and young adult, I knew swimming would be a great pre-natal cardio workout and that balancing in my new body wouldn’t be an issue. After delivery, my lap swim sessions came to an end for too long, but the three of us recently picked up passes to the local pool to enjoy the water together. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen Harlowe taking her first solo swim lesson.¬†I am one proud mama and am really looking forward to logging my own time in the pool!

easy maternity workout ideas

Yoga:¬†1 time weekly. Not pregnant, yoga is my favorite workout. I like fast-paced flow or ashtanga, and if it’s set to pop music, that’s even better. Pregnant, that type of vigorous flow isn’t for me. I’ve been taking Iyengar and ‘flow 1’ classes that are more relaxing than vigorous. I tried prenatal yoga, but that was a little too slow-paced for my liking and I found that going a little bit harder and making modifications where needed gave me more satisfaction … and a deeper stretch!

due date training

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Wearing: Fashletics tank c/o / Lululemon shorts and bra/ Nike Internationalist shoes

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Maternity Activewear: Save or Splurge + Lookbook Video

Hi guys! Sticking to my regular(ish) workouts throughout this pregnancy has given me another excuse to go shopping (because I need maternity activewear, duh!). ¬†Okay, maybe I¬†don’t need it, but since I’m not swimming as much this pregnancy I decided to indulge in a few pieces for the gym. I splurged on one outfit and got a budget-friendly option to compare the two! Check out my first-ever video lookbook¬†featuring maternity activewear¬†to find out which pieces came out on top — the save or the spurge? I think you’ll be surprised! PS – Forgive the Banker for the long pauses on my knees. ¬†And me for my editing skills. I hope you enjoy!

maternity fitness apparel

Shop maternity activewear from this video + other favorites from these brands below: