Fitness after Baby #2

workouts after baby

A few of you asked about getting back in to shape after having a baby. Gunnar is now nine months old and I’ve finally started to nail down a fairly strict (yet fluid) health and fitness regime. I decided it would be a great time to share what I’ve been doing to ‘get my body back’.

working out with kids

First, coming to terms with the fact that my body will probably never get back to ‘normal’ was key. This amazing body has had two children, sits at a desk for a good chuck of the day and enjoys wine more than water so yeah, it’ll take longer to get strong abs and that is A-okay. Remembering my body created two beautiful babies makes abs seem trivial.

workout out after baby

Strength training is critical. Carrying a 25 lb baby (yes, he is THAT big already!), sitting at a desk and missing out on some serious zzz’s depletes my energy in a major way.  Luckily, strength training elevates endorphins which helps boost energy levels, contributes to more restful sleep and serves as a natural anti-depressant.  This is hugely important for new moms suffering baby blues like me. I take an OrangeTheory class 1-2 a week to get my weight training fix.

fit mom tips

Get sweaty and social. KW and I will have a workout date instead of a fancy dinner more often than not. We choose a gym that has childcare we felt comfortable with and go together when we can. On a whim, we took Zumba a few weeks ago and we can’t wait to go back again! It was hilarious…. mostly for him because I have no rhythm. 🙂

Hold yourself accountable any way you can. If you know you have trouble holding yourself accountable get friends to nag you or sign up for an event you’ll need to train for. I’m definitely more likely to stick to something when there’s external pressure and signing up for a half-marathon has helped me stick to a moderately stringent running schedule. I’m running the race with KW and a group of girlfriends, so they are all holding me accountable too. We tell each other when we are training and it’s been so inspiring. (I’ll see you in April, Nashville!)

working out after baby

Everything in moderation, including moderation. I’m still nursing and you can trust me when I say, I am ravenous. Being hangry all the time can lead even the best of us to grab some junk food and devour it, so I do make a point to carry healthy snacks at all times. I keep snacks in my bag, my car, my desk and home. My favorite snacks are string cheese, fresh fruit, greek yogurt with almonds and chips and guac. For the non-perishable variety, I eat a ton of This Bar Saves Lives – the dark chocolate cherry and sea salt is f’ing delish and I probably have 1-2 every day.  🙂

Wearing: Bra / leggings / tank (all c/o Lucy) / similar Nike shoes also love these for everyday wear.

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  • Ashley @ A Lady Goes West

    Looking fabulous, of course! And I love that you are lifting weights and working out with others. GREAT advice!

    • Bethann

      Thanks for the sweet comment! That means a lot coming from YOU! Hope you are well, boo!

  • Caity (Moi Contre La Vie)

    Love this!! It’s all about finding your own personal approach.

    Also – You *still* have enviable abs!!

    • Bethann

      God I love you 🙂