Everyday Natural Makeup (With Mostly Natural Products)

I began experimenting with non-toxic, organic &/or cruelty-free beauty products during my 1st pregnancy. That was seven years ago and the products were not nearly as good as they are now. Seriously, I can’t tell you how many eyeliners I disposed of because there was no color! Or eyeshadow with no shadow. In the last yea,  l’ve actually LOVED so many natural products like, ‘OMG you guys have to try this!!!’ level of love. I put together a little video about my everyday natural makeup look using my fave natural, organic and cruelty-free products — please excuse the sound. I ended up doing a voiceover on the application part because well, I forgot to turn on my mic during application. There aren’t a lot of times I have to sit down and film and I just wanted to get this out to you! Ugh, the joys of video. 🙂 I know one shoudl never apologize for what they put out in to the world. I am only saying this here because blog readers are legit bethanimalprint family. You’re animals! Thank you so much for reading and watching loyally. Your comments on Instagram, the blog and youtube seriously mean so much to me.

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  • Cassandra McCall

    Love this so much, thank you Bethann! I personally love the “drugstore” finds too — I’m saving for our wedding next year (sniff, I miss you Sephora!) Gorgeous as always! <3 Big hugs lady!

    • Bethann

      CONGRATS CASSANDRA! Also you don’t need ANY make up …maybe just your signature red lip for special occasions. 🙂