Happy 6th Birthday!

kid birthday party ideas

Over the weekend, we celebrated Harlowe’s 6th birthday! I shared some of my feels on Instagram, but Kaare and I just can not get over how quickly these past 6 years have gone. I remember laying in the hospital bed full of fear and joy after her birth and just praying that she would get out of the NICU quickly. 6 years later, here she is… healthy, happy and full of love. She is the best daughter that I could have ever asked for and is more joy than I dreamed she could be. Being her mama is the highlight of my life (along with being married to her dad and having her brother, of course). To celebrate her 6th year, we asked her what she wanted to do and shared a clear vision: a movie, unicorn, sleepover party. Here’s how we pulled that together…

kid birthday party ideas
Movie and unicorn themed cookies baked and hand decorated by one of my old sorority sisters, Folkvangr Cookies. I asked her to make whatever she was inspired to make after hearing Harlowe’s theme and I think she crushed it! They’re almost too pretty to eat!
kid birthday party ideaskid birthday party ideas
I made these little poms for the cupcakes. I just took tissue paper and folded it length wise in to fourths and then used herb scissors to cut fringe leaving 1/4 inch un-cut. I used a glue stick to glue the un-cut part and then wrapped the paper around a small skewer that I broke in half until it was all rolled up. Once the skewer is wrapped with the tissue paper just use your hands to fluff it out.
Gunnar loved the poms, but not as much as he loved the cupcakes.
kid birthday party ideas
We used Joymode to rent the back yard theater, cotton candy machine and vintage popcorn machine. The cotton candy was the highlight for most of the kids and for me because I got to make it. I also made these cute ‘ice-cream’ cones for the kids (I had to get them to eat some fruit somehow) I just scooped up melon with a melon baller and tossed it in some cones. I think Gunnar was disappointed that it was not ice-cream, but the older kids thought it was fun to eat.

kid birthday party ideas  kid birthday party ideas
I have a photo with Harlowe and this bear for every month until she was one and one picture every year since.

Just for fun, here’s a shot from Harlowe’s 1st birthday! She looks like she knows cake is coming…

Outfits for those interested:
My dress & shoes/Harlowe’s tunic c/o, unicorn headband & red boots/ Gunnar’s tee

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