How To Meal Plan For Picky Eaters

how to get your kids to eat healthy
Before becoming a mother, I was never much of a meal planner. Heck, I didn’t even know what meal planning was. We had plenty of meals out because why live in San Francisco (where we lived pre-kids) if you weren’t going to enjoy the world-class food scene? I supplemented eating out with eating whatever was on hand at work (sugary snack bars galore) and I had the bloat to show for it. After Harlowe was born, we got more diligent about cooking in (mostly because eating out with a baby was not the same), but she did enjoy her trips to Tacolicious., our favorite Bay Area haunt. She’s almost 6 now and we’ve tried just about everything under the sun to make meal planning easier and bring healthy meals to the table without much fuss as neither of us are of above average skill in the kitchen. Our kids are just as picky as the next, but it’s really important to me that I teach them to make healthy choices and not eat a quesadilla 3x/day which is what she would do if she had her way. Here are a few ways I save time and even money planning and prepping healthy meals for the family. For the first time in 5 (almost 6!) years Harlowe actually likes…even loves what we eat most days. The best part is, I don’t have to put forth a huge effort to plan our meals, it’s basically done for me and all the meals are easy to prepare and require no more than 30 minutes in most cases. Watch the video for more details!

What I use:

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